Tomorrow-morrow Land

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome is the weakest installment in Mel Gibson’s run as Max Rockatansky. While Mad Max was just getting started and Mad Max 2 was a huge step up, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome makes some odd choices. Maybe George Miller working with another director has something to do with it. Max continues to to roam the desolate Australian road, when he encounters another problem he has to help solve. Once again centering around fuel. Only this time the fuel is pig sh*t (that they like to keep reminding us of). One of the best decisions made for the sequel is the casting of Tina Turner as the villain Aunty Entity. She’s already a wild rockstar that she fits right in. While the weakest decision made was the inclusion of lost boy children in the second act. They’re not always the best actors and it doesn’t help that Max spends most of his time with them. The safe haven plot is also underwhelming. The most memorable part of the movie is in the title. Thunderdome is a gladiatorial cagelike dome where fighters duel to the death using a series of weapons. The phrase “welcome to Thunderdome” has made its way into pop culture. It’s a shame that it’s only a small part of the movie. Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome is fun but it can use a little more grit.


Max Rockatansky takes aim

Preceded by: Mad Max 2 & Followed by: Mad Max: Fury Road

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