The Legendary Legend of Legend

Legend is weird. Whenever I see lists of character actor Tim Curry’s best performances, Legend always came up. In Legend he plays a red devil-like creature with humongous horns named Darkness. It’s an image I recalled seeing long before I even knew what movie it was from. Now that I do know, I kinda wish it was in a better movie. Legend is the kind of fantasy that exists purely in its creators own imagination. With barely any explanation given to the viewer. The title doesn’t even explain what it’s about. Legend is Ridley Scott’s follow up to to Alien and Blade Runner. You can tell by how visual it is with its dark interiors and complex makeup. Specifically Tim Curry’s makeup. There’s also a directors cut and a few alternate endings. Plus the plot has to do with unicorns (Ridley Scott’s weird fascination). Sloane herself Mia Sara stars as the princess and so does Tom Cruise as the hero. Though this was long before he really made a name for himself as an action hero. Darkness is really the big stand out in the movie. And he doesn’t appear until the third act. Legend is really only worth it for it’s imaginative visuals.



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