Bird Box is currently the most viewed original movie on Netflix. I normally don’t have much interest in Netflix original films, but Bird Box is practically unavoidable. It immediately blew up on the internet within days of its release. Spawning memes for several key moments from the movie. Specifically the image of Sandra Bullock blindfolded with her children. When I saw the trailer, my first thought was A Quiet Place with sight instead of sound. After actually seeing Bird Box, it’s much closer to The Happening (only better). Bird Box takes place at two separate points in time. One sees Sandra Bullock’s character Malorie attempting to take a Boy and Girl down a river while blindfolded. Why are they blindfolded? That’s all explained 5 years prior. When Malorie was pregnant, the world suddenly drifted into chaos due to an unseen force. I won’t say what it is (or what the title means), but let’s just say if you see it you die. Malorie, along with a group of survives played by several familiar actors, must try to survive in a world where being blindfolded is the only way to survive.ย Bird Boxย is pretty good, if just a little overhyped. Although it’s perfectly chilling enough to be released in theaters. Bird Box success is all thanks to the quick access of Netflix. So unless your unsubscribed, watch Bird Box as soon as you can.


Malorie paddles her children through the rapids

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