Pregnant with Emotion

Knocked Up deals with pregnancy in a frank occasionally funny way. Between Knocked Up, Juno, and Waitress, it seemed like 2007 was the year of unplanned pregnancies. Which is a strangely specific premise. Although it’s the second movie directed by the normally very raunchy Judd Apatow, Knocked Up is far more laid back. Seth Rogen is Ben Stone, the schlubby slacker stoner with a heart of gold. Katherine Heigl is Alison Scott, the hard working career woman with no time for relationships. They couldn’t be more different, but a one night stand gone wrong forces them together forever. Much like The 40-Year-Old Virgin, I was surprised by how christian its messages were. When Alison does get pregnant, she keeps the baby, and tries to see if she and Ben can work together. Leading to a tough but touching romance I wasn’t expecting. Being an Apatow production, there is of course appearances from other “Frat Pack” actors. Jason Segel, Jay Baruchel, Jonah Hill, and Martin Starr all play Ben’s roommates (all with their actor’s first names). A side plot sees them attempting to start a website where you can see all the nude scenes in a movie. Which is exactly like Mr. Skin. One of the most stand out parts of Knocked Up involves the relationship between Alison’s sister Debbie and her husband Pete. Most of their bickering pads the runtime. It’s also worth mentioning that Katherine Heigl openly criticized the movie for reasons of characterization. She was wrong to do it, because Knocked Up is a surprising bundle of joy.


Ben (right) and Alison (left) sit in a doctors office

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