The Beast

Split is the hit M. Night Shyamalan needed. Truly his career is a rollercoaster unmatched by any other filmmaker. After The Visit came out of nowhere, Shyamalan stuck to Blumhouse horror with Split. While The Visit was just good by its own standards, Spilt is his true return to form. Split is about despondent teenager Casey Cooke played by horror’s new favorite scream queen Anya Taylor-Joy. After she and two other girls are kidnapped, Casey must use all her survival knowledge to outwit her capture. Who just so happens to be a man with split personalities. James McAvoy’s performance as the unfortunately named Kevin is easily the biggest highlight of the movie. While some of Shyamalan’s trademark clunky dialogue can still show sometimes, it’s McAvoy who elevates everything else. 23 distinct personalities exist inside Kevin. “Dennis” is a ruthless germaphobe who initially kidnaps the girls. “Patricia” is a sophisticated woman who assists “Dennis” in the capture. “Hedwig” is a 9 year old boy Casey uses to her advantage. “Barry” is a calm fashion designer that spends the most time with his psychiatrist. She studies him and is the only one who knows his secret. All other personalities are never seen, because “The Beast” is the most important. His animallike superhuman strength is what makes Split (SPOILER ALERT!) a secret sequel to Unbreakable. It’s safe to say no one saw that coming. Split shows that Shyamalan still has a few good twists left in him.



Preceded by: Unbreakable & Followed by: Glass

One thought on “The Beast

  1. I spotted this was on Netflix. Unbreakable is my favourite of his flicks and I’m gonna check this out cause I want to see Glass… I’ve been waiting for that for a while.

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