Get Off My Plane

Air Force One features the most badass president in movie history. Harrison Ford portrays U.S. President James Marshall (even his name sounds presidential). After successfully capturing a deadly dictator, President Marshall makes the all important decision to no longer negotiate with terrorists. Showing his willingness to stand up for his country, but he’s really put to the test when Russian terrorists hijack his plane. As the title suggests, Air Force One takes place entirely on Air Force One. Making it something like “Die Hard on the president’s plane.” Gary Oldman plays the lead terrorist in a role that’s as cold as it is ruthless. Being a former war hero, President Marshall is able to hold his own against them. Attempting to rescue the First Lady and First Daughter in the process. Meanwhile the Vice President (played by Glenn Close) holds down the fort stateside. Air Force One proved that Harrison Ford could still kick ass even as he was going grey and his voice was getting gruffer. Still dropping one liners like “get off my plane.” Although I could’ve seen it at a young age, I actually saw it fairly recently. Since I tend to stay away from anything political. Although I feel compelled to mention that this is Trump’s favorite Harrison Ford performance for one reason or another. That being said, Air Force One knows to keep the focus on non-stop action.


President Marshall hangs on to his plane

3 thoughts on “Get Off My Plane

  1. This definitely is a fun movie alright! Always liked it a lot, especially because of Fordโ€™s great performance and of course Gary Oldman is always good portraying a bad guy. Nice to see your reviews are still as fun as always to read ๐Ÿ˜Š

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