We Got Cabin Fever

Muppet Treasure Island is the fifth Muppet movie and the second one directed by Jim Henson’s son Brian Henson. Also released by Disney, it was one of two Muppet movies I owned on VHS as a child. I watched it a lot, but not often. Muppet Treasure Island is done in the style of Treasure Island. It was my first introduction to the story. Just like the last movie, it replaces key characters with Muppets. However since Jim Hawkins and Captain Long John Silver are both important to the story, they’re both human. Notably Tim Curry proves to be one of the best actors ever to portray the one legged pirate. The story plays out the same as the original telling only with a lot more humor. Jim is accompanied by Gonzo & Rizzo (whose rat relatives stay on a cruise portion of the ship). Kermit the Frog plays ship Captain Smollett and Fozzie Bear plays the squire. Sam Eagle takes on a bigger role this time as Mr. Arrow. While Miss Piggy doesn’t show up until later on the island. Playing a female version of Ben who now has romantic ties to Smollett. Muppet Treasure Island may have less focus on Muppets, but its humor, sense of adventure, and extremely catchy songs like “Cabin Fever” make it a swashbuckling delight.


The Muppets set sail

Preceded by: The Muppets Christmas Carol & Followed by: Muppets from Space

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