You’re a Shining Star

Muppets from Space is the sixth Muppet movie and the last theatrical one for 12 years. I was only 4 years old at the time, but I remember going to see it in theaters. It’s also the other Muppet movie I had on VHS. I watched it more times than any other Muppet movie. Which is why it’s my personal favorite. Even if some people consider it to be the weakest installment. Muppets from Space is done in the style of a science fiction movie. It’s the first Muppet movie to put focus on one of the supporting Muppets. Gonzo in this case. As opposed to the post-Jim Henson Disney productions that focused on humans. While Kermit is a frog, Miss Piggy is a pig, and Fozzie is a bear, Gonzo is… a whatever? After frequent space related signs, Gonzo finally learns the truth. That he’s actually an alien. Which gets him and Rizzo (who’s taken in as a lab mouse) captured by a secret Area 51 type facility. Muppets from Space sees the Muppets living together in one big house. They’re mostly there to help Gonzo in anyway that they can. Muppets like Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker have a bigger role since the movie calls for more science. Pepe the King Prawn and Animal also have their fair share of spotlight moments. It’s also the only Muppet movie to be a jukebox musical. Giving it, and its celebrity cameos a distinct late 90’s vibe. Regardless of what people say, Muppets from Space is a hilariously underappreciated sci-fi twist on the Muppets.


The Muppets look up to space

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