Man or Muppet

The Muppets is the seventh Muppet movie and the first theatrical one in 12 years. After a full decade, it seemed like younger viewers wouldn’t accept old fashion puppetry on the big screen. That couldn’t be more false, because The Muppets finally brings the Muppets back to their former glory. Although they made a few before (expect for the last one that was from Sony), The Muppets is the first official Muppet movie from Walt Disney Pictures. The Muppets is done in the style of a “putting the band back together” to “save the theater” story. It makes the bold decision to introduce a new Muppet. Walter, a fan of the Muppets with a human brother. Gary (played by Jason Segel) and Mary (played by Amy Adams) take him to the old Muppet Studio only to realize that a greedy rich Texan named Tex Richman will tear it down unless $10 million is raised. So they set out to find Kermit the Frog. Who’s willing but reluctant to bring his old castmates back together. Like in the first movie, they travel by car to collect every Muppet. Which includes, but is not limited to Fozzie Bear, Gonzo the Great, Scooter, Swedish Chef, Animal, Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem, Sam Eagle, Rowlf the Dog, Dr. Bunsen Honeydew, Beaker, and of course Miss Piggy. Who proves more difficult than the rest. Everything does go well for them though. As their show slowly, but surely becomes a beloved success (Kermit and Miss Piggy even kiss). The Muppets brings back all the self aware humor (along with criticism from Statler and Waldorf), 2010’s celebrities, and amazing new songs like the Oscar winning “Man or Muppet,” that made us love the Muppets in the first place. I think Jim Henson would have been proud.


The Muppets grand finale

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