We’re Doing a Sequel

Muppets Most Wanted is the eighth Muppet movie and what seems to be the last one for awhile. After the huge success of The Muppets and the addition of Walter, a sequel was inevitable. Which is why that’s the first song they sing. Muppets Most Wanted is done in the style of an international heist flick. Kermit and the Muppets go on a world tour lead by Dominic Badguy (pronounced Badgee). Meanwhile, a dastardly criminal mastermind and “the most dangerous frog in the world” Constantine escapes a Serbian Gulag. That’s where all those evil Kermit memes come from. As Constantine switches places with Kermit. Leaving Kermit imprisoned in the Gulag and Constantine in disguise with the Muppets. Nobody, not Fozzie, not Scooter, not Gonzo, not even Miss Piggy can tell that he isn’t Kermit. Except for Animal who can tell right away. When the heists do happen, Sam Eagle and a French agent are on the case. Muppets Most Wanted, much like the previous movie, takes cues from the second installment. With all the mysterious caper stuff. As well as the third installment with it ending in a wedding. The Muppets haven’t done anything substantial since the less than stellar show the muppets. So Muppets Most Wanted, with its humor, massive amount of celebrities, and catchy songs, should be enough to help you appreciate how wonderful Jim Henson’s Muppets really are.


The Muppets travel the world

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