Revenge of the Nerds finally brought justice to nerds everywhere. Being a nerd myself, I can relate to a degree. Which is part of the reason why I wanted to see it. Then again, Revenge of the Nerds is about as over-the-top 80’s as you can get. Back in the 80’s, a nerd was apparently the worst thing you could be. Jocks (like Ogre) will literally chant “NERDS!” at the mere sight of you. Revenge of the Nerds features every kind of nerd stereotype you can think of. Lewis and Gilbert are best friends who move into college together. Lewis a normal nerd and Gilbert is a confident nerd with a goofy laugh. After jocks push them out of their house, they decide to form their own fraternity. Made up of all the remaining nerds. Poindexter, the awkward one, Wormser, the child prodigy, Lamar, the flamboyant gay one, Takashi, the stereotypical foreigner, and Booger, the perverted rebellious nose picker. When jocks and cheerleaders push them too far, they use everything at their disposal to take revenge. What they do is questionable to say the least, but you have to remember this was a very different time. They put their R rating to use by spying on the naked cheerleaders, beating jocks in a competition, and Gilbert sleeps with the head cheerleader Betty Childs while wearing a disguise (and she falls in love with him!). Revenge of the Nerds may get uncomfortable at times, but it’s still really funny and its anti-bullying message is just as true as ever. They’ll never make a movie like this again.


Lambda Lambda Lambda

Followed by: Revenge of the Nerds II: Nerds in Paradise

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