Beach Nerds

Revenge of the Nerds II: Nerds in Paradise is the generic unnecessary sequel to Revenge of the Nerds. It picks up a little while after the nerds proved they were people too. Winning the school, the fraternity, respect, and getting the girl in the process. So of course the sequel has to undo all that progress and start all over again. The only characters to return are Gilbert, Lemar, Poindexter, Wormser, and Booger. The actor who plays Lewis didn’t want a big part in the movie. So he’s left out due to injury. Betty Childs was going to return, but the actress didn’t like how they were going to portray her. Cheating on Gilbert with a jock, even though she fell in love with a nerd. Anyway, Revenge of the Nerds II is just a less interesting version of the first movie. It takes the nerds to a beach setting. Which could’ve been fun if the sequel wasn’t PG-13. Ogre and the rest of the jocks (along with Sully from Commando) return to take revenge on the nerds. So the nerds throw beach parties, befriend Ogre, don military attire, and Gilbert falls for another generically hot girl. There are more made-for-TV sequels, but Revenge of the Nerds II was enough of an unfunny retread for now.


Lambda Lambda Lambda returns

Preceded by: Revenge of the Nerds

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