Space Western

Cowboys & Aliens is one of the weirder comic book adaptations out there. The 2006 Platinum Studios comic is so obscure I’d never even heard of it. So it’s even more bizarre that Jon Favreau wanted to make it instead of Iron Man 3. I’ve always been a big fan of alien invasion movies and a relatively good fan of westerns. So I gravitated towards the odd combination of the two. Surprisingly, my entire family and I went to the theater to see the movie. What we got was a mixed bag we still enjoyed. Cowboys & Aliens starts with cowboys. Harrison Ford once again acts opposite a James Bond actor. Daniel Craig, who plays tough gunslinger Jake Lonergan. You can tell the two of them are trying a lot harder than they need to. Olivia Wilde also makes an impression. When the aliens finally do show up, it’s a dramatic shift. Since both genres couldn’t be more different. Not that there aren’t hints of it beforehand. Jake has a powerful alien weapon on his wrist. Which helps the cowboys fight the aliens. The aliens themselves make sense for the time period. Their large green armored aliens with the goal of mining gold. Of course it wouldn’t be a western without Native Americans. The Apache people are actually very well portrayed. In fact, all the western stuff has great attention to detail and the sci-fi stuff isn’t half bad either. Whether or not you think they work well together is up to you. I guess you get what you’d expect from a movie called Cowboys & Aliens.


Aliens attempt to abduct cowboys

One thought on “Space Western

  1. I’ll be honest with you, I loved this flick. Like you say, the attention to detail is there… I know folk who are put off by the notion of the concept, but I don’t think it’s so preposterous.

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