Look Out Behind You!

The Final Girls flips the horror genre on its head. Though not quite as well known as The Cabin in the Woods, The Final Girls nevertheless gets the job done in a unique way. It follows a group of teenagers who attend the showing of a 1986 slasher movie called Camp Bloodbath. Only to find themselves trapped inside the movie with no way out. Where the only way to survive is to follow the plot. The Final Girls pokes fun at just about every horror cliché and character. Intentionally bad writing, excessive violence, slow motion, flashbacks, half naked girls, and as the title suggests, the virgin final girl(s). What I wasn’t expecting was not just how funny it was, but also how emotional it turned out to be. The final girl, Max, reunites with her deceased mother who was well known for her scream queen role in Camp Bloodbath. It leads to a lot of heartfelt moments for a slasher film. Then again it does bare the rare distinction of being a PG-13 slasher movie. Taissa Farmiga proves herself to be a great scream queen just like her older sister Vera. The slasher (Billy Murphy) may just be a parody of Jason Voorhees, but he’s still striking enough to stand on his own. The Final Girls is an underrated stand out that puts its horror setting to great use.

The Final Girls

Nancy screams for her life

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