Uncensored. Uninhibited. Unmarried.

Bridget Jones’s Diary is a high standard romantic comedy. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Today I figured I would talk about one of the most well liked rom-coms of the early 2000’s. Bridget Jones’s Diary is a film I at first only knew for its history and reputation. Bridget Jones was for her time considered to be the quintessential modern British woman. Created by the equally beloved British author Helen Fielding. So you can imagine the controversy that sprouted when the very American Renée Zellweger was cast to play her. Fortunately for her, Zellweger’s English accent is practically flawless. Being American myself, I know how difficult it can be to sustain one. So I was very impressed. I’m not overly familiar with the story, but the book/movie is based loosely on Pride and Prejudice. Bridget Jones has more than a few hang ups. She smokes, drinks, often says the wrong thing, and has a habit of wearing overly large knickers. So she decides to keep a diary in order to better improve herself. Along with the accent, Renée Zellweger gained weight and worked in a publishing company in order to prepare for the role. Even earning an Oscar nomination for her trouble. Bridget finds herself in a love triangle between her sexually aggressive boss Daniel Cleaver and the always present Mark Darcy. Of course played by rom-com staple Hugh Grant and Britain’s favorite Colin Firth respectively. Leading to plenty of humor, sentiment, and a fun American soundtrack. As well as notable moments such as Bridget’s botched speech or wearing of a bunny outfit. Not to mention her last second dash through the snow in smaller knickers. Bridget Jones’s Diary is just an all around charming experience full stop.


Daniel Cleaver (right) flirts with Bridget Jones (left) at a party

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