You’ve Just Been Erased

Eraser is one of very few Arnold Schwarzenegger movies I never saw when I was a kid. Not that every movie he did was instantly appealing to me. Eraser is one of the bigger standouts in that regard. Since it features a fairly standard government conspiracy storyline and didn’t seem to feature many one liners. The titular “Eraser” is a U.S. Marshall named John Krueger. His job is to erase the identities of individuals caught up in life threatening situations. Like a more extreme version of witness protection. His main client is a woman who gets caught up in a conspiracy involving futuristic weapons of mass destruction. It’s an interesting premise, but Arnie can be easily swapped out with a different actor. Not that he doesn’t at least do a few over-the-top things. Like jumping out of a plane, shooting a crocodile, or shooting 2 of the EM-1 Railguns at once. He even gets a few one liners out. Like “You’ve just been erased.” You can’t go wrong with Vanessa Williams as the female lead, but James Caan is a bit of a mismatched villain. Eraser has good action, but it’s forgettable among Arnie’s bigger hits.


John Kruger locks and loads

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