The Audience is Listening

THX 1138 is the first ever movie directed by George Lucas. Before American Graffiti and the Star Wars saga. Most people (myself included) had no idea it even existed. For the longest time I just assumed it was some kind of documentary for the THX sound company. Turns out it’s the other way around. We all know the sound company with the loud deafening noise. This forgotten flop from the early 70’s is what it’s named after. THX 1138 is the name of a man living in a dystopian future where robots police the society and drugs suppress emotion. Sex, and by extension reproduction is against the law. Causing THX to get imprisoned when he engages in these acts with a woman named LUH 3417. It’s interesting to see George Lucas’s early take on sci-fi. People have shaved heads, the color palette is monochromatic, and the sounds are eerie. It just didn’t do anything for me. Not like some Star Wars fans who started a cult following. Although it nearly put me to sleep, THX 1138 is worth a look if you want to see George Lucas at his most raw.


THX 1138 (center) gets taken in

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