What Big Eyes You Have

Alita: Battle Angel is a film 16 years in the making. Based on a manga titled Gunnm or Battle Angel Alita in America. 9 mature volumes that were surprisingly never adapted into an anime series. Only receiving an OVA (original video animation) which consisted of two 30 minute episodes. It turns out James Cameron was a big fan of the story who wanted to get a Hollywood movie made for a long time. Since Avatar seems to be the only thing he wants to do now, he tapped Robert Rodriguez to direct it. An odd combination, but you can see both sides. The first trailer definitely took me off guard. With its use of big anime eyes for Alita. I never lost interest though. I read the first 4 volumes and watched the OVA. Becoming an instant fan of the sci-fi story. Despite several push backs I remained confidante, but my reaction turned out to be more mixed than I thought. Battle Angel Alita has a strange yet engrossing story that begins with her recovery in the junkyard of Iron City. Her cyborg body is rebuilt by Ido, she learns to fit in, becomes a Hunter-Warrior, falls in love, and eventually plays Motorball. All of which are separated by volume. The movie just sort of mixes things up. Making it difficult to get invested in a story that never officially ends. The dialogue is a little clunky too and the PG-13 rating only sort of worked for me. On the other hand, the fluid fast-paced CGI fight sequences (especially Motorball) bring anime to life. She may not be Asian, but Rosa Salazar captures Alita’s innocent fighter’s spirit. Making the eyes less distracting than you might think. Alita: Battle Angel is as close to a good manga adaptation as you can get.


Battle Angel Alita

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