A Bleeping Rom-Com

Isn’t it Romantic flips the romantic comedy genre on its head. Like the director’s previous effort, The Final Girls, it humorously picks apart a certain genre. While also leaving room for story. Being a hopeless romantic myself, I’ve seen many iconic love stories. Although I’ve never gone to the theater to see one, Isn’t it Romantic looked hilarious the second I happened upon the trailer. Some people claimed it looked too similar to I Feel Pretty, but I like Rebel Wilson (and her Pitch Perfect co-star Adam DeVine) way more than Amy Schumer. Natalie is a plus-size architect who’s grown to resent how unrealistic romantic movies are. After getting knocked out, she finds that her life has been transformed into one. Isn’t it Romantic pokes fun at just about every rom-com cliché and character. A flower filled New York setting, a lead with fabulous outfits, a nice apartment, a flamboyant gay sidekick, a rival co-worker, a philosophically charming love interest, an obvious true love best friend who’s dating an insanely hot woman, out of nowhere musical numbers for catchy pop songs, and stopping a wedding. The fact that it’s PG-13 is also mocked. What I like most is how they embrace the clichés as much as they mock them. Isn’t it Romantic is a rom-com that’s fun to laugh at, but easy to love.


Natalie (center) interrupts Josh (left) and Isabella’s (right) meet-cute

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