Freshly Squeezed O.J.

The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad! cemented Leslie Nielsen’s status as the king of parody movies. Since he did nothing but comedy/parody roles after the movie came out. His deadpan sincerity made him the perfect lead in a comedy. The Naked Gun is based on a very short lived TV series (only 6 episodes) called Police Squad! From the same three guys who directed Airplane! So you know to expect some of the most hilarious comedy in any parody movie. The Naked Gun parodies cop movies and shows in particular. With plenty of off the wall gags in between. Leslie Nielsen plays Lt. Frank Drebin. The bumbling police lieutenant tasked with uncovering the mystery behind his injured partner Det. Nordberg. Played by “this didn’t age well” O.J. Simpson. Despite that, the ways he gets injured are hilarious. At the same time, Police Squad also protects the Queen of England from a plot to hypnotize people into killing eachother. The Naked Gun was always a comedy my parents called one of the funniest they’ve ever seen. It’s not hard to see why. Since it’s full of memorably funny moments. The opening with the car in various places, the overly happy date, the student driver car chase, the fight with the terrorists, the failed interrogation, wreaking the apartment, and the classic “beaver” line. Everyone should see The Naked Gun, since it doesn’t parody anything in particular. As long as you have a basic understanding of cop procedurals you’ll enjoy it.


Lt. Frank Drebin takes aim

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2 thoughts on “Freshly Squeezed O.J.

  1. I’ve seen this a fair few times over the years and it still splits my sides at times. I had planned to rewatch it a couple of years ago when I revisited Police Squad, but I never did. I should really rectify that.

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