Hello Oscar

Naked Gun 33⅓: The Final Insult is the thirty-third installment in the Naked Gun series. The 30 other sequels aren’t worth talking about. In comparison to the previous two movies, Naked Gun 33⅓ doesn’t get brought up all that often (I almost considered skipping it). Even though it has a few set pieces that make it stand out. Specifically a prison and the Academy Awards. Leslie Nielsen returns for the third and final insult as Lt. Frank Drebin. Who is now married to his love interest Jane. Although Anna Nicole Smith is given a bit more attention. This is also notably O.J. Simpson’s last acting role before you-know-what happened. Frank comes out of retirement to stop a plot to blow up the Oscars. Leading to far more celebrity cameos than before, like the great Weird Al Yankovic. They continue to parody more pop cultural stuff as well. One of my main criticisms is the sequels reliance on raunchier jokes. Some that are a bit more eye roll inducing than others. Not to say it isn’t just as funny as before. Joking about the Oscars is a clever idea since there’s a lot to make fun of. Naked Gun 33⅓ is a worthy end to this delightfully screwball parody trilogy.


Frank presents an award with Raquel Welch

Preceded by: The Naked Gun 2½: The Smell of Fear

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