There’s No Crying in Baseball!

A League of Their Own is a home run. As baseball movies go, I always find them to be the most passionate. It’s America’s past time after all. So when my mom kept telling us to watch A League of Their Own, I knew it had to be a great one. It tells a fictionalized version of real life events. During World War II, all the men were out to war. So women had to fill in for them on a few things. Most notably baseball.

People didn’t take the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League seriously at first. Treating it like a joke, expecting the girls to still act like ladies, and making them wear cute little outfits. Fortunately for them, people did start to take them seriously, and it was a major league victory for women at the time. I didn’t know it at first, but A League of Their Own was directed by late legend Penny Marshall. She brings strong women and great humor to this inspirational story. Geena Davis plays Dottie. The best player in her town who reluctantly joins the team when her sister Kit begs her to.

They both join the team made up of all sorts of colorful women. Like Rosie O’Donnell and Madonna. I normally don’t like them, but they really work here. The biggest stand out however, is their eventual coach played by Tom Hanks. His part is so hilarious that it made me laugh out loud on several occasions. What with his cynical nature and slobby behavior. He’s the one who delivers the famous line “There’s no crying in baseball!” A League of Their Own proves that baseball is universal.


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