Horsing Around

Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron is a one of a kind animated animal adventure. Coming out one year after Shrek (also nominated for Best Animated Feature), Spirit was Dreamworks Animation’s next traditionally animated project. Although I was 6 at the time, I was never taken to the theater to see the movie. I mostly remember seeing a majestic teaser trailer on the Shrek VHS tape.

I only saw Spirit once as a kid and my memory of it was very fuzzy. It took a second viewing when I was a little older for me to finally appreciate it. Spirit is a more mature Dreamworks film. With only the occasional joke thrown in. What makes it unique is how they chose to depict the horses. Instead of anthropomorphic talking animals, all the horses are silent. Communicating like real life horses would. Spirit speaks, but only with narration by Matt Damon.

Spirit takes place during the old west. Where the wild mustang runs free through the fields looking after his herd. Until the U.S. calvary takes him and attempts to break him. With no success, a Native American named Little Creek escapes with Spirit. Forming an unlikely bond with the horse that couldn’t be broken. I may not have as strong an attachment as others, but Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron is still a beautiful ride for anyone who loves horses.


Spirit runs free

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