Yo Adrian, I Did it!

Rocky II is the rematch everyone was waiting for. After the huge success and multiple Oscar wins of Rocky, everyone wanted to see a continuation. The question was, how do you make a sequel without repeating yourself? Since Rocky ended with Apollo Creed winning and anything else might seem like a cop-out. Fortunately, Rocky II succeeded in an entirely different way. Wasting no time writing the sequel, Sylvester Stallone now wanted to direct the film himself. It was another gamble, but a smart move on the producers part to let him. Rocky II picks up immediately after the big fight. Rockyโ€™s main opponent is once again Apollo Creed. As his loss of popularity gets to his head. Making him challenge Rocky to a rematch. Rocky on the other hand chooses to retire, marry Adrian, and have a child. His sudden rise of popularity gets him many endorsements, but his limited knowledge of anything other than boxing makes it hard for him to find a job. Though hesitant at first (due to possible eye damage), Paulie, Mickey, and eventually Adrian all persuade him to accept the rematch. Complete with a new training montage that includes dozens of people running through Philadelphia with him. During the big fight, Creed brings his A game. With an even more exciting boxing match that’s so evenly matched it comes to a halt when both men get knocked down. The first to get up being (SPOILER ALERT!) Rocky Balboa! Going the distance was inspiring, but nothing beats seeing Rocky win. In an emotional climax ending with one of the most satisfying closing lines of all time, “Yo Adrian, I did it!” Rocky II deserves the championship belt more than any other Rocky sequel.


Rocky Balboa vs. Apollo Creed (Rematch)

Preceded by: Rocky & Followed by: Rocky III

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