Eye of the Tiger

Rocky III features some of the most standout moments in the entire franchise. By this point the studio was pretty comfortable with having Sylvester Stallone write, direct, and star all at the same time. Even though the story is practically Rocky and Rocky II mashed together. Rocky III sees Rocky Balboa becoming an undefeated celebrity with more wealth and several wins. With his wife Adrian, son Robert Jr. and brother-in-law Paulie by his side cheering him on. There are several elements that make Rocky III memorable. The first of which is an exhibition match between boxer Rocky and a wrestler played by Hulk Hogan. Goofy, but a must see. This was also the installment that first featured the real life statue of Rocky placed at the top of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Rockyโ€™s main opponent is new fighter “Clubber” Lang. His sudden rise to the top and taunts gain Rocky’s attention. Being played by Mr. T, he of course gets an “I pity the fool” out at some point. Rocky III features the first major death in the franchise. Beloved trainer Mickey, who dies after Rocky loses the title. Surprisingly, Apollo Creed steps in to help Rocky win back the title. The newfound friendship they share is only accentuated by the catchiest training song of all time, “Eye of the Tiger.” SPOILER ALERT! Rocky is victorious when he uses everything Lang knows against him. It’s another satisfying win, but not quite as iconic as the freeze frame ending. Where Rocky agrees to fight Apollo once again in private. Rocky III sticks to the formula, yet succeeds with sheer quantity.


Rocky Balboa vs. “Clubber” Lang

Preceded by: Rocky II & Followed by: Rocky IV

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