I Must Break You

Rocky IV enters the Cold War. Although unlike the first Rocky, its awards attention shifted completely. With Rocky IV being nominated for Worst Picture and winning Worst Director/Actor Sylvester Stallone. Along with Brigitte Nielsen for Worst Supporting Actress. I personally feel they beat up the movie too much. Even if its premise of Rocky taking on the Cold War is a bit hard to take seriously. Rocky IV takes the Philadelphia native’s wealth to ridiculous levels. Affording to buy a robot servant Paulie makes his wife. Rocky’s main opponent is the Soviet Union’s prize boxer Ivan Drago. One of the franchise’s most iconic villains. Dolph Lundgren’s size, limited dialogue (“I must break you”), and unstoppable fury can’t be matched. Apollo Creed takes Rocky’s place in an exhibition match between Drago. Donning an overly patriotic outfit accompanied by James Brown’s “Living in America.” The fateful fight ends with Drago beating Creed to death. Leaving Rocky wanting to avenge his fallen friend. Much to Adrian’s fearful pleas not to. Apollo’s trainer Duke steps up to train him. The duality of Drago training with machines and Rocky training with nature is genius. The final showdown takes place in Drago’s homeland of Russia. SPOILER ALERT! Rocky manages to get the best of Drago when the crowd starts to cheer for him instead. In the end, Rocky delivers a cheesy speech he hopes will end the Cold War. That along with the fact that most of it feels like a music video, are why the quality dipped. That being said, Rocky IV is still a guilty pleasure must watch that more than stands its ground.


Rocky Balboa vs. Ivan Drago

Preceded by: Rocky III & Followed by: Rocky V

2 thoughts on “I Must Break You

  1. A very, very flawed flick, but I agree that it’s been battered unfairly. A very slick movie compared to previous Rocky’s, but it’s still enjoyable despite the ‘made-for-MTV-age’ editing.

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  2. Even though I realize it’s near the bottom when it comes to this franchise, this one is in my personal top 100. Maybe it’s the nostalgia of being the first Rocky movie I saw in the theater. Maybe it’s the highly synthesized soundtrack. Maybe it’s Rocky winning the Cold War single handedly. I love the entire franchise, but this is the only one to crack my top 100.

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