Rock Bottom

Rocky V is the painful conclusion to the Rocky franchise. While Rocky IV was a bit too harshly treated, Rocky V is much more deserving of all its negative reception. I get what Sylvester Stallone was going for, but the whole thing is woefully misguided. Stallone isn’t entirely to blame though. Since the first movies director returns to direct instead. It may surprise you to know that Rocky V is actually the first PG-13 installment in the franchise. Despite the bloody boxing matches, every other film was PG. Rocky V sees the Balboa’s lose all their money forcing them to return to the Philadelphia slums. Where Adrian returns to the pet shop and Robert Jr. is bullied in school (and it’s all Paulie’s fault). As if that wasn’t bad enough, Rocky neglects his son by taking a young new fighter under his wing. Tommy Gunn, who betrays Rocky by taking a rich promoter’s money and winning the title. Making Tommy Gunn Rockyโ€™s main opponent. His obnoxious attitude gets on your nerves so much that you just wanna punch him. The movie doesn’t even end with a boxing match. It ends with a street fight. SPOILER ALERT! Rocky rightfully kicks the crap out of Gunn, but it could’ve been worse. Rocky was very nearly killed off! Proving Rocky V to be an overall unpleasant experience in this once enjoyable series.


Rocky trains Tommy Gunn

Preceded by: Rocky IV & Followed by: Rocky Balboa

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