That’s How Winning is Done

Rocky Balboa finally brought Rocky back to his former glory. By this point in his career, Sylvester Stallone began to reevaluate his older work. Even though we all thought he was crazy to be doing it at his age. However, since Rocky V wasn’t the best conclusion, he wanted Rocky to go out on a high note. So he got back into fighting shape and returned to the directors chair (even earning a PG rating). The title is Rocky Balboa because this is the most human Rocky has been up to this point. Rocky is older, retired in Philadelphia, and sadly, lost his wife Adrian. Naming his Italian restaurant after her. All he has left is Paulie and a son that wants nothing to do with him. After a computerized boxing simulation pits Rocky against the newest champion, it sparks interest in a possible comeback. Rocky’s main opponent is Mason “The Line” Dixon. He suffers the same problem as the last opponent. Being played by a real life boxer, he doesn’t have much of a personality. That’s not too important though, since Rocky just needs someone to punch. There also needs to be a female lead. So that role is filled by Marie. The young girl Rocky gave advice to all the way back in the first movie. Along with Duke, they help to prove Rocky can still hold his own even at an older age. SPOILER ALERT! Rocky doesn’t win, but that’s not his most memorable moment. It’s when he delivers one of the most powerful movie speeches of all time to his son about moving forward no matter how many times life knocks you down. Rocky Balboa is a true winner.


Rocky Balboa vs. Mason “The Line” Dixon

Preceded by: Rocky V & Followed by: Creed

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