Boxing Runs in the Family

Creed breathed new life back into the Rocky franchise. Despite ending two seperate times, Ryan Coogler figured out a way to keep it going. By having the long lost son of Apollo Creed step into the forefront. Coogler’s favorite Michael B. Jordan effectively plays Adonis Johnson. Since more time is given to the Creed family, Phylicia Rashad now plays Mrs. Creed. She’s the one who raises him after his biological mother dies. Donnie is far more hot headed and prone to outburst. Wanting to distance himself from his late father’s legacy. Although hesitant at first, Sylvester Stallone returns to play Rocky for a 7th time. Delivering his strongest performance as the character to date. Teaching Donnie everything he knows back in Philadelphia. While also facing his own problems. Everyone except the son he never visits is gone. So Donnie is all he has left. Like Rocky, Donnie also finds someone special. Bianca, a singer played just as effectively by Tessa Thompson. Donnie’s main opponent is “Pretty” Ricky Conlan. A boxer on his way to jail that challenges Adonis provided he change his last name to Creed. Also not a very standout villain, but that’s not where the true battle lies. Not that it isn’t a well executed, perfectly shot, adrenaline fueled fight. SPOILER ALERT! Sylvester Stallone was nominated for Best Supporting Actor. For the first time since the first movie. Rocky discovers he has cancer and the performance he gives is the best in the film. I wasn’t crazy about the harsher tone and PG-13 language, but I understand the raw emotion Adonis Creed feels. Creed had some big shoes to fill and it succeeded with every punch it threw.


Rocky trains Adonis Creed

Preceded by: Rocky Balboa & Followed by: Creed II

One thought on “Boxing Runs in the Family

  1. Nice write-up. I really liked Creed. Captured the spirit of the first couple of Rocky flicks, though he appeared more confident than Rocky did in those first couple of flicks, you could see that he needed that encouragement. Definite parallels between Rocky and Adrian… even if those characters seemed a wee bit stronger / head-strong initially.

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