The Nasty

The NeverEnding Story III: Escape from Fantasia is an awful slap in the face to this once inspiring franchise. I sadly remember it as a kid a bit more than the others. Bastian and everyone else are once again recast with blander actors. Only this time, as they go, so does the quality of Fantasia’s residents. Like the gnomes who are now a bickering old couple or a pop culture spouting tree, but the worst offense is Falkor.

Whose design couldn’t be more off and don’t get me started on his voice. Now he sounds like a blathering moron. But even worse than them is what they did to Rock Biter. Now a sitcom character with a wife and child (who watches TV!), but it’s incomparable to the biggest insult in the entire movie. Where Rock Biter rides a bicycle singing “Born to Be Wild!” I’ve never seen anything so stupid. But who cares about all that (or Atryeu), since The NeverEnding Story III cares way more about Bastian, his bratty step-sister, and life in high school.

The world of Fantasia is now brought to the real world where a force that the Childlike Empress dubs “The Nasty” threatens them. Which is for some reason represented by a gang of bullies called The Nasties. Lead by yes that’s actually a young Jack Black. Who takes control of the book. The NeverEnding Story III is a never ending insult full of cringy jokes, an overabundance of 90’s cheese, and a complete disregard for all that came before.

3. TheNeverendingStory

Bastian (human) and friends prepare to transport

Preceded by: The NeverEnding Story II: The Next Chapter

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