Boy with Apple

The Grand Budapest Hotel might be Wes Anderson’s finest work to date. I’m not the biggest Wes Anderson expert though. Since I’ve still yet to see anything he did before Fantastic Mr. Fox. My primary reason for seeing The Grand Budapest Hotel was because of its Oscar attention. Becoming the first of his film’s to receive a Best Picture and Best Director nomination. My parents got into it as well, despite never showing much interest in Anderson’s work before.

The Grand Budapest Hotel takes place in a fictional war torn country where the titular hotel resides. Zero is the newly appointed lobby boy who assists Monsieur Gustave H. An eccentric concierge that ends up the suspect of a murder. Due to his unsavory relationship with a much older woman who promised the valuable painting, Boy with Apple, to him in her will.

What follows is a hilariously colorful misadventure full of familiar actors Wes Anderson loves to work with. As well as some of his best symmetrical camera work in a live-action film. Ralph Fiennes is mostly known for his drama, but he has some of the funniest lines in the movie. I especially enjoy the way he runs away suddenly after being accused. Tony Revolori provides most of the movie’s heart. Due to his past experiences and relationship to his fiancée. Making The Grand Budapest Hotel a whimsical work of art.


The Grand Budapest Hotel

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