Indiana Basketball

Hoosiers is all about Indiana basketball. Something that’s very important to people who live there. I live near Indiana, so I can somewhat attest to that. I’m not sure why, but Hoosiers is a movie my dad really wanted us to watch. So I figured I’d make room for it. Basketball is probably the only popular sport I can have fun with. As long as I’m just free throwing and not on a team. Being tall, I sometimes have to tell people that I’m not a basketball player.

Hoosiers follows the traditional sports formula of a new high school coach coming to shake up an already established team. Taking place in 1951, Gene Hackman plays that coach. A former Navy officer, whose temper, drills, and fundamental training gets him in hot water with the rest of the town. Even though what he’s doing helps get the boys farther than they ever have before.

Dennis Hopper also stars as the not so lovable town drunk. His love for basketball and internal struggle helped earn him an Oscar nomination. I didn’t even recognize Hopper until after he got cleaned up. As sports movies go, Hoosiers is a great underdog story. Showing that even players from small towns can win the state championship if they fight hard enough. Making Hoosiers a basketball movie worth cheering for.


The Huskers

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