They Actually Talk!

Tom and Jerry is the greatest game of cat and mouse there is. Created by Hanna-Barbara, Tom and Jerry shorts ushered in a whole new world of cartoon violence. The simple premise consists of Tom Cat chasing Jerry Mouse. Only to end up getting hurt in a variety of cartoony ways. Their many decades of success eventually led to a theatrical movie in 1992.

Tom and Jerry: The Movie is a musical about an orphan named Robyn trying to escape her money grubbing Aunt. All the while searching for her mountain-climbing father. Along the way we encounter dastardly vets, pirates, and a singing gang of cats. What’s that you say? What does this have to do with Tom and Jerry? Absolutely nothing! They’re brushed aside in favor of this desperately Disney style schlock.

The songs are never ending and the slapstick is barely there, but the biggest slap in the face is that Tom and Jerry actually talk in complete sentences. Something they never do! My only childhood memory of the movie is my brother trying to force me to watch it. Seeing it now makes me appreciate the old cartoons even more. Tom and Jerry: The Movie is something that should never have been extended to feature length in the first place.


Tom and Jerry dance together

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