A Guitarful of Guns

Desperado is the big-budget follow up to the surprise low-budget hit El Mariachi. Becoming the first sequel in what would come to be known as the Mexico trilogy. Making it Robert Rodriguez first official Hollywood production. Meaning every amateur actor is replaced by bigger stars. Some may view Desperado as hollow without the raw sincerity of El Mariachi, but I choose not to compare the two the same way. I’m betting if he had the budget, Rodriguez would have cast Antonio Banderas as the lead in the first place. His best friend Quentin Tarantino also appears.

Desperado picks up some time after the events of the last movie (reshot of course). El Mariachi is consumed with revenge. Both for the death of the woman he loved and the irreversible damage to his guitar playing hand. He now looks for the man responsible with the help of his American associate. Who turns him into something of a myth. Along the way meeting a lovely bookstore owner who may be involved with his enemy.

Desperado kicks up the humor and action to crazy levels. With several guitar cases full of guns, bombs, a rocket launcher, and the first appearance of a gun codpiece. Antonio Banderas’s long hair and all black suit made him an instant action star. While Selma Hayek’s inclusion just ramps up the sex appeal. Danny Trejo also appears as something of a precursor to Machete. Desperado is an over-the-top piece of summer entertainment that showed Robert Rodriguez was here to stay.

2. Desperado

El Mariachi and Carolina walk away from an explosion

Preceded by: El Mariachi & Followed by: Once Upon a Time in Mexico

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