Are You a Mexican or a Mexican’t?

Once Upon a Time in Mexico closes the Mexico trilogy a full 8 years after Desperado. It was actually Robert Rodriguez first R rated movie since 1998. Doing three Spy Kids movies before completing his Mexico trilogy. No other director attempts to consistently make kid friendly PG movies and ultraviolent R rated movies at the same time. But he is able to snap back into that mindset with Once Upon a Time in Mexico.

Though my original intention was just to watch Desperado, I’m glad I did my research beforehand. Since none of the titles are similar. Much like The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, it finishes off the journey of a man with no name in a western style. While adding characters that match up to those three characters. Guitar case toting El Mariachi (the good) is recruited to take down a drug lord (the bad) by a CIA agent (the ugly). Antonio Banderas is just as battle ready as before, but his regression back to losing a loved one didn’t work for me.

It doesn’t help that his role is greatly overshadowed. Instead Johnny Depp makes way more of an impression. His quick wit, eating habits, and fake arm make him the bigger standout. Danny Trejo is also back somehow. Save for a few exhilarating set pieces, Once Upon a Time in Mexico proves a serviceable return to mature content from Robert Rodriguez.

3. Once Upon a Time in Mexico

Sands enjoys dinner

Preceded by: Desperado

2 thoughts on “Are You a Mexican or a Mexican’t?

  1. Depp and Rourke definitely stole this one. I think it just loses its way a little, but it’s still an enjoyable flick – especially for Depp and Rourke’s arcs. Anyway, you’ve got me wanting to give these a watch again.

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