Earth’s Mightiest Losers

The Avengers is easily one of the all time worst movies ever made! From its world domination plotline to its female lead with red hair and a skin tight black leather catsuit. There’s no other way to say it, but The Avengers sucks and always will… April Fools! The Avengers movie I’m actually referring to is the 1998 film of the same name. Based on a 60’s British TV show no one remembers. Making a $60 million movie out of it was a bit bizarre. Then again, maybe they thought it would be a success like Mission: Impossible was. They were wrong. The Avengers (1998) centers around two secret agents who help to thwart a diabolical mad man. Ralph Fiennes plays the bowler hat wearing umbrella toting agent John Steed. Uma Thurman plays the aforementioned Black Widow type scientist Dr. Emma Peel. Their stale banter makes up most of their interactions. The real standout of the movie though is the villain. A man (played by “lost his sanity” Sean Connery) who changes the weather in an effort to make people pay for it or something like that. So of course he wears a kilt, has CGI killer robot bees, and conducts meetings wearing colorful teddy bear costumes. If none of what I just said makes any sense to you then congratulations, you’re just as sane as I am. The Avengers (1998) was so bad that it was nominated for just about every Razzie award at the time. The only thing it’s good for is tricking people into thinking you’re talking about the far superior Marvel movie.


Agent John Steed (left) and Dr, Emma Peel (right) sit back

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