Too Much for One James Bond

Casino Royale (1967) is the first unofficial James Bond film. Despite retaining the title of the 1st book written by Ian Fleming. All but two Bond films are distributed by Eon Productions. Casino Royale (1967) was intended to be a parody/satire of the spy franchise. Even though only four films were released (with the fifth released 2 months later). The biggest problem with the movie is the sheer lack of material to work with. The theme “The Look of Love” by Dusty Springfield is surprisingly good though. David Niven portrays Sir James Bond.

As does Peter Sellars, Ursula Andress, Joanna Pettet, Daliah Lavi, Barbara Bouchet, Terence Cooper, and many many more. Because for some reason, everyone goes by the code name “James Bond” (almost like they predicted the future of the franchise). The real James Bond is retired, but comes out of it to fight SMERSH. He also has a daughter named Mata Bond and a nervous nephew named Jimmy Bond. With a plot to make himself more attractive to women. Played by a much less funny Woody Allen.

In fact, just about nothing in Casino Royale (1967) is funny. Despite the all-star ensemble. It can’t seem to decide between satire and screwball comedy. Moneypenny and M still appear. Along with book characters Vesper Lynd and Le Chiffre. Played by original Bond girl Ursula Andress and the great Orson Welles respectively. The climax is just ridiculous. Involving cowboys, indians, animals, and everyone dying. Casino Royale (1967) is simply a weak parody movie that came out way too soon.


The James Bonds play poker against Le Chiffre

3 thoughts on “Too Much for One James Bond

  1. I think this is the only James Bond movie that I haven’t seen (not counting the remake). From what I am reading here, I didn’t miss out on much 😅 (Although I could be mistaken as I watched the entire collection with my folks, but this one just doesn’t ring a bell).

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  2. Woody Allen said that this movie and WHAT’S NEW, PUSSYCAT? (he wrote his material for the former and the screenplay for the latter) convinced him to become his own director, so that he could have control over the material. With CASINO ROYALE, he said he wished everyone would have just gotten out of the way so that he could be funny.

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