007 the Clown

Octopussy has the most overtly sexual Bond title of all time. How they got away with that I’ll never know. Despite being the thirteenth film in the long running franchise, Octopussy is actually based on the 14th and final book written by Ian Fleming. Which was a collection of 2 short stories titled Octopussy and The Living Daylights. The title bares a completely different meaning than it does in the book. In the book, Octopussy is a pet octopus. In the movie, Octopussy is a Bond girl. Making it the only Bond film named after one. Roger Moore once again considered retiring, but since a rival Bond film was being made at the same time, they convinced him to stay on board. After a brief absence in For Your Eyes Only, M was recast with actor Robert Brown.

The Mission: Investigate theft of priceless relics and prevent the destruction of West Germany U.S. Air Force Base

Gadgets & Vehicles: Acrostar Jet, Tracker Wristwatch, Mont Blanc Fountain Pen, TV Wristwatch

Bond Girls: Octopussy, Magda

Bond Villains: Kamal Khan, General Orlov, Gobinda, Mufti, Mischka & Grischka, Yo-yo Buzzsaw Killer, Colonel Toro, Major Dexter Smythe

Analysis: Octopussy seems to be hell-bent on humiliating James Bond as much as possible. Bond boards a plane concealed within a mechanical horse’s ass, points a spy camera at a woman’s cleavage, swings through the jungle hollering like Tarzan, uses a crocodile sub, puts on a gorilla suit, and dresses up like a circus clown. It’s arguably one of the worst in the franchise. My main curiosity for the film was the title. A title I’m sometimes too embarrassed to say out loud. It’s probably why the title isn’t used in the main theme. Instead the song is “All Time High” performed by Rita Coolidge. An underappreciated song, but a difficult one to remember in context. As the movie’s title suggests, the opening credits sequence features more women than ever before. They’re meant to represent the Octopus Cult. A band of bikini and spandex clad women working for jewel smuggler Octopussy. They disguise themselves as a circus in order to appear legitimate. Octopussy is an antagonist, but the real Bond villain is Kamal Khan. An exiled Prince with the usual plot for nuclear domination. Octopussy stands out for being a strong leader, but it’s hard to call her one of the best. When the plot can get really confusing at times. Bond is directed to Octopussy by Magda. Who gracefully leaps out a window after Bond sees a tattoo of an octopus on her back. Octopussy is notably the first Bond film set in India. There’s tigers, sword swallowers, snakes in baskets, and one henchmen with a buzzsaw yo-yo. An Indian actress was intended to play Octopussy, but Maud Adams was cast instead due to the limited choices at the time. Adams is the only actress to play two separate Bond girls (after previously playing Andrea Anders in The Man with the Golden Gun). Bond’s ally Vijay is the only major Indian in the movie. This is also the first time Q gets to work in the field with 007. He shows up to rescue Bond in a hot air balloon. Only to be thanked by a bevy of beautiful ladies. Save for a strong location and good action, Octopussy is just embarrassing.

13. Octopussy

James Bond dresses up like a clown

James Bond will return in A View to a Kill

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