007’s Time of Sadness

Quantum of Solace has the worst title of any Bond film. I honestly had no idea what it meant the first time it was announced. It’s the twenty-second film in the long running franchise, and it’s based on one of the short stories featured in Ian Fleming’s book For Your Eyes Only. I understand utilizing what little there was left of Fleming’s work, but “Quantum of Solace” is not a good choice. Neither are any of the remaining short story titles. Quantum of Solace is the first Bond film to be a direct sequel. Unlike Casino Royale though, it was a far weaker addition by comparison. The Writers Strike might have had something to do with it. Despite being the shortest Bond film to date, it has more violence than any other.

The Mission: Avenge the death of former lover and stop plot to seize control of Bolivian water supply

Gadgets & Vehicles: Modified Cell Phone, Quantum Earpiece

Bond Girls: Camille Montes, Strawberry Fields

Bond Villains: Dominic Greene, General Medrano, Mr. White, Guy Haines, Elvis, Edmund Slate, Carlos, Craig Mitchell

Analysis: While Casino Royale dealt with terrorism, Quantum of Solace deals with environmentalism. Since movies about the environment ran rampant in the late 2000’s. Although I still didn’t decide to embrace the franchise at the time, the trailer blew me away the first time I saw it. It’s fast paced action and use of the theme made it look awesome, but Quantum of Solace might be the most forgettable Bond film I’ve ever seen. The super quick runtime makes it feel so insignificant compared to the rest of the franchise. The gun barrel sequence doesn’t even come till the end. The only exciting part of the movie is most of the beginning. Except for the opening credits sequence. Not for its visuals, that thankfully bring back the women (made out of sand). It’s the main theme that bares no Bond distinction at all. The song is “Another Way to Die” and it’s the series first duet (sung by Jack White & Alicia Keys). I just don’t get the collaboration. Quantum of Solace takes place right after Casino Royale. As Bond grieves the loss of his beloved Vesper Lynd. The vengeance 007 seeks eventually leads to his discovery of Quantum. The organization responsible for her fate. Bond is assisted by Camille Montes. An agent with her own vendetta against the villain. Her lack of love scenes make her stand out less than other primary Bond girls. Bond does however seduce an MI6 agent named Strawberry Fields played by notable redhead Gemma Arterton. Unlike previous Bond films, they’re too embarrassed to even say her name out loud. Even though it’s not half as suggestive as previous Bond girl names. She meets a similar fate to Jill Masterson from Goldfinger. Only with oil instead of gold. Dominic Greene is the Bond villain who plans to control the Bolivian water supply. I barely remember anything about him, because he just looks like some guy. With barely any gadgets, the film makes up for it with brutal, almost gratuitous, sloppily edited, non-stop action. The rest of Quantum of Solace is just a snoozefest.

22. Quantum of Solace

James Bond and Camille walk in the desert

James Bond will return in Skyfall

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