007 Sees Ghosts

Spectre finally brings the titular evil organization back to the Bond franchise. After not appearing since Diamonds Are Forever. Due to the Thunderball legal controversy that was at last settled in 2013. Spectre is the twenty-fourth film in the long running franchise, and is based only on the newly secured Ian Fleming characters. Meaning Ernst Stavro Blofeld not so surprisingly makes a return.

With a few changes made to fit it into the newly established continuity. Like the removal of Spectre’s acronym or retconning Quantum and previous villains as being part of Spectre all along. Much like Quantum of Solace, Spectre is a far weaker installment in comparison to the film that preceded it. It bares the distinction of being both the longest and most expensive Bond film ever made…

24. Spectre

James Bond in the mountains

The Mission: Uncover secrets behind criminal organization Spectre and stop plan to launch global surveillance

Gadgets & Vehicles: Aston Martin DB10 (equipped with flamethrowers, rear machine guns, body armour, driver ejector seat, phone holder, and HUD), Explosive Omega Watch

Bond Girls: Madeleine Swann, Lucia Sciarra

Bond Villains: Franz Oberhauser, Mr. Hinx, Max Denbigh, Marco Sciarra, Mr. White, Lorenzo

Analysis: Skyfall was admittedly a tough act to follow, but Spectre was such a dramatic decline that I decided against seeing it in theaters. I somewhat regret doing it, but I was trying to save money, and didn’t have time for just okay. It’s a real shame when a Bond film is the least memorable spy movie in a year full of spy movies. The only really groundbreaking part is the opening. A single unbroken shot of Bond in Mexico with a woman during Day of the Dead. Followed by an exciting action scene that ends on a helicopter. The opening credits sequence is fine, but the naked women wrapped in tentacles might give off the wrong idea. Sam Smith won an Oscar for Best Original Song.

Even though “Writing’s On the Wall” is one of the most ear piercing Bond themes ever written. I think Smith was only chosen because he and Adele are both British. The song’s title refers to a wall of names in the movie. The rest of the nearly 3 hour long Spectre is so ridiculously slow that it becomes almost boring. With far too much time being dedicated to MI6 business meetings. 007 does use a spy car, but Q still gives him barely any gadgets. Just a watch that’s later revealed to be a bomb. Bond uses a Spectre ring and the alias Mickey Mouse to infiltrate a meeting conducted by Franz Oberhauser. The head of Spectre played by Oscar winner Christoph Waltz. Oberhauser is obviously revealed to be Blofeld. Albeit with an origin that connects to Bond’s childhood.

His plan is to initiate a mass surveillance system. Which connects to our current fear of being spied on by technology. Mr. Hinx is Blofeld’s henchman. Dave Bautista plays him much in the style of a classic silent Bond henchman. Monica Bellucci is the oldest actress to play a Bond girl. Playing the widow of a Spectre agent. The main Bond girl is psychiatrist and daughter of Mr. White, Dr. Madeleine Swann. She’s surprisingly the first blonde Bond girl lead since The Living Daylights. Since Daniel Craig’s attitude towards the franchise has put his future into question, it’s hard to say how long he’s got left. Spectre is just an exercise in how to make a by the numbers Bond flick.

24. Spectre

James Bond has diner with Madeleine Swann

James Bond will return in No Time to Die

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