I Serve a Risen Savior ✝

The Passion of the Christ is the most difficult viewing experience I’ve ever had. A movie that depicts torture would be a tough watch for anyone. Being a born again Christian, I knew it would be an especially tough watch for me. I’m no fan of torture themed horror movies, but I knew this was something I just had to watch at some point in my life. So after years of knowing its reputation, I finally built up enough stamina to watch it on Easter Sunday.

The Passion of the Christ is without a doubt the most graphic depiction of Jesus’ final hours ever put to screen. Which also makes it one of the most accurate. Right down to the use of Hebrew, Latin, and Aramaic. It was famed actor/director Mel Gibson’s goal to truly capture the suffering Jesus endured for our sins. As written in the New Testament of The Bible. The film begins with the betrayal of Judas, then it focuses on the torture and humiliation inflicted by the malicious Roman soldiers, and ultimately the crucifixion. Every important detail is depicted. Including a few flashbacks of Jesus as a carpenter, delivering his sermon, saving Mary Magdalene, and communion. All the while Satan looms in the background.

Thankfully, God’s presence is felt throughout. As predicted, the torture scenes made me weep profusely. I continued to cry as he received the crown of thorns, was visited by his mother Mary, nailed to the cross, and as he saved the thief beside him. After a swirl of emotions, my final thought was to cheer at the end when Jesus was resurrected. Jim Caviezel put his heart and soul into his performance of Jesus Christ, and the experience changed him forever. The Passion of the Christ is the highest grossing R rated movie of all time. It just goes to show the power of a faith based audience. He is risen indeed.


Jesus has help lifting the cross

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