Anymore Bright Ideas?

Bright is the Netflix original movie that initially peaked my interest. Despite the easy access of the streaming service, most of their original movies just don’t interest me. Bright was one of the earliest examples of a Netflix original having a high budget and A list stars. It wound up being just as bad, if not worse than Suicide Squad. Since it was David Ayer’s next project and also starring Will Smith. The concept seemed interesting, but the director wasn’t much of an encouragement.

Bright is a fantasy film filled with elves, fairies, orcs, and magic. It also happens to take place in modern day L.A. Featuring a human police officer partnered up with the first orc officer. The main conflict involves elves searching for a deadly magic wand that the two officers and a friendly she-elf have to protect. Unsurprisingly, a combination of the buddy cop and high fantasy genre just doesn’t work.

Despite 2,000 years of shared history, the presence of fantasy creatures has barely affected our history at all. They try to make it into some kind of race relations movie, but awful dialogue and unlikeable characters couldn’t make it work. It doesn’t help that David Ayer’s tryhard edginess is always present. With constant swearing, gore, a brief trip to a strip club, and everyone (even orcs) dressing gangsta. The only good thing about Bright is that I didn’t have to go to a theater to see it.


Officer Daryl Ward (human) fights crime with Officer Nick Jakoby (orc)

3 thoughts on “Anymore Bright Ideas?

  1. Bright as a concept is one that I think is awesome. It’s fantasy reimagined in a way rarely seen in western media. This story would be so much better suited to a TV show instead of a movie. I really want to know more about this world, but the poor execution really did drag it down.

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