Back for War

The Expendables 2 is the only movie in the trilogy that got it right, because its the one that finally perfected the concept. Although I was aware of the first movie, I wasn’t old enough to go see it even if I wanted to. The sequel peaked my interest a bit more. I was 17 at the time, but my mom was fine with accompanying us. Since she lived through the 80’s action era. The best thing about The Expendables 2 is that they decided to embrace the clichés. By making the characters caricatures of their actors without taking away from the badass action. The Expendables are back for war and this time, they’re now joined by Liam Hemsworth. As Billy the Kid, he sadly circums to the cliché of dying despite having something to live for. Although the franchise seems like men only, they make the great decision to add one woman to the team. Yu Nan’s Maggie Chan more than holds her own amongst legends. Not directing this time, Stallone is able to relax, and bring more personality to the team. His and Statham’s banter has gotten funnier and so is everyone else (even Crews and Couture). Lundgren is better working alongside a team, but Li leaves after the first mission. Making Jean-Claude Van Damme the high kicking villain certainly made the threat more memorable. Plus Willis and Schwarzenegger are finally given an over-the-top gun-toting action scene. They even swap catchphrases (“I’ll be back” and “Yippee-ki-yay”). Not to mention the inclusion of the legend himself Chuck Norris. Who actually tells a Chuck Norris joke. He’s also the one who requested less language. So R rated violence, but no F bombs. Which is totally fine with me. The Expendables 2 is 80’s style cheesiness at its absolute finest.

expendables 3

The Expendables

Preceded by: The Expendables & Followed by: The Expendables 3

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