The Deleteables

The Expendables 3 got it wrong once again. Despite previously finding the right balance of action, humor, and nostalgia in the second movie. The same can’t be said for the third. Which once again makes the same questionable decisions that the first movie did. I regret dragging my family to go see it. The first problem is the decision to make it PG-13. It feels like a cop-out for a trilogy intending to capture the hyper violent gun filled movies of the 80’s. Then there’s the pacing. While The Expendables 2 was fast paced and focused on the team, The Expendables 3 has too many dead spots and separates the team. Statham, Lundgren, Couture, and Crews have almost no time to shine. Leading to more of Sylvester Stallone on his own. Until Kelsey Grammer’s character very slowly, one at a time, introduces him to a team of young people. Wasn’t this franchise about old guys? Way too much time is focused on these characters that no one cares about. Played by Kellan Lutz and Ronda Rousey to name a few. Mel Gibson even refers to them as “The Deleteables.” Due to their annoyingly high tech methods. Mel Gibson makes for a memorable villain, but he’s ultimately wasted. So is Wesley Snipes, who was able to appear after his prison sentence was up. The only one who makes an impression is Antonio Banderas. Harrison Ford replaces Willis and his role is nothing but grumbling with a little action. Schwarzenegger and Li accompany him. Ending with an overly humorous climax that seemingly ends the series. The Expendables 4 is taking a lot longer than intended and I’m not sure if that female lead The ExpendaBelles is still happening. I just hope they’re not as disappointing as The Expendables 3 was.

expendables 2

The Expendables

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