The OG

American Gangster is the true story of the most powerful gangster in late 60’s, early 70’s Harlem. During one of the worst heroin epidemics in U.S. history. As a gangster, Frank Lucas stood out for being a black man that managed to surpass the Italian mafia. Since he had the idea to allegedly smuggle drugs from Vietnam into the country through the coffins of deceased servicemen. Ridley Scott is able to make the story both interesting and entertaining. Making it a standout gangster film. My mom strongly recommended it while I was in the middle of a gangster film marathon. Since she’s a fan of the genre and Russell Crowe, she had it on a couple of times. Denzel Washington is of course up to his usual high standard. His best character moment comes when he shakes Idris Elba down for his money. Only to causally shoot him in the middle of a crowded street when he refuses. Russell Crowe plays Richie Roberts. The detective who investigates the drug trafficking. Their respective stories are in sharp contrast with one another. As Roberts does the right thing and has a bad home life. While Lucas does the wrong thing and has a good home life. Until his wife gives him a fur coat that gets him discovered. It’s not until the very end that they meet. Despite her limited screen time, Ruby Dee was nominated for Best Supporting Actress. Mostly for a scene where she confronts her son about his criminal activity. American Gangster is a unique gangster film that fires on all cylinders.


Frank Lucas points a gun in Tango’s face

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