I Love Dogs (私は犬が好きです)

Isle of Dogs is a symmetrical tale of man’s best friend. After utilizing stop-motion animation for Fantastic Mr. Fox, it was unclear whether Wes Anderson would use it again. A canine adventure set in Japan wasn’t at all what I was expecting. The inclusion of every Wes Anderson regular made me assume they would be voicing the dogs, and I was right.

Meanwhile, all Japanese citizens are voiced by Oriental actors (even Yoko Ono). None of which includes subtitles. Isle of Dogs takes place in a distant future with an overpopulation of diseased dogs. So the Mayor throws them all away on an island made of trash. Where dogs must contend with fighting for survival and eating garbage. Until a little pilot named Atari comes to the island looking for his beloved lost guard dog.

Due to the heavier themes of disease, politics, and occasional animal violence, Isle of Dogs received a PG-13. Making its deadpan humor feel all the more adult. I’ve never had a dog, but the whimsical adventure makes me want one even more. As it gives a more introspective take on being a dog. With Wes Anderson’s most finely placed camera work to date. I love dogs and Isle of Dogs as well.


The Little Pilot searches for his lost dog Spots

2 thoughts on “I Love Dogs (私は犬が好きです)

    1. Agree, it’s hard to pinpoint what makes a Wes Anderson film great and unique… so many facets I think. I always enjoy the performance and strength of the actors, and the colours – Anderson and his team are brilliant at colour tones and lighting.

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