The Man Named Manco

For a Few Dollars More marked the return of everybody’s favorite cowboy. Clint Eastwood once again plays “The Man with No Name.” This time being referred to as Manco (Spanish for “one-armed”). Due to the success A Fistful of Dollars brought Spaghetti Westerns, Sergio Leone and Ennio Morricone wasted no time making a sequel.

For a Few Dollars More isn’t brought up as much as the other film’s. Despite being one of the strongest in the inevitable trilogy. Manco is now working as a bounty killer. Hunting outlaws for a large sum of money. This brings him into direct contact with a fellow bounty killer. Lee Van Cleef revitalizes his career playing Colonel Douglas Mortimer. A rival that nearly matches Manco’s quick fire precision.

Their best moment would have to be when they shoot each other’s hat, and then agree to work together to kill the most ruthless outlaw of them all. By far one of the most despicable, irredeemable, diabolical villains I’ve seen in a Western. Along with a disturbing flashback, the church scene cements his evil status. It makes you root for Manco and Mortimer’s mission to be a success. Finally ending with a standoff that might be more personal than previously thought. For a Few Dollars More is the darker follow up this western series needed.



Preceded by: A Fistful of Dollars & Followed by: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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