Fashionably Challenged

The Devil Wears Prada showcases the high stakes world of fashion. It was also Anne Hathaway’s much more successful attempt at becoming a serious actress. She plays Andy, a fashionably challenged journalist fresh out of college. As with sports movies, I know next to nothing about the film’s subject matter. Like Andy, fashion has never been all that important to me.

Which doesn’t stop Andy from landing the job of assistant at the prestigious Runway fashion magazine. Run by the fiercely intimidating editor Miranda Priestly. Her calm demeanor, casual insults, and commanding presence makes her one of Meryl Streep’s finest performances to date. This was also Emily Blunt’s breakout role as Emily. Andy’s fashion conscious rival co-worker who works herself to illness. Plus Stanley Tucci as Andy’s other co-worker who helps bring her into the fashion world.

After a makeover, Andy proves herself by running errands, finding an unpublished Harry Potter manuscript, remembering names, and setting appointments all for Miranda. It’s here we see Miranda’s somewhat softer side, but not until after Andy decides the fashion world is not for her. The Devil Wears Prada is unsurprisingly full of stylish outfits that would make any fashion forward person gush. As well as plenty of strong characters and performances that elevate it from being pure showiness. “That’s all.”


Miranda (left) speaks with Andy (right)

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