Get Away from Her You B*tch

Aliens is one of the greatest sequels ever made, because it took its story and did something big with it. While Alien was a horror movie set in space, Aliens is much more of an action movie. One that still has enough sci-fi terror to keep with the tone of the original. Something only master filmmaker James Cameron can pull off. He was chosen as director right after the success of The Terminator. Which is why previous collaborators like Bill Paxton and Michael Biehn play a part. It’s also why the sequel now deals with themes of war. Since the horrors of war are a common theme in James Cameron movies. He was also able to give the sequel a look all its own. The titular aliens now have a more skeletal design. Rather than the smooth design we saw previously. Probably Cameron’s best contribution to the franchise would have to be further developing Ripley’s character. To the point where Sigourney Weaver received a Best Actress nomination. A landmark nomination for a science fiction film. It ended up winning Best Visual Effects and Best Sound Editing. Despite still retaining an R rating and featuring more bloody violence, Aliens was definitely the Alien movie that my parents suggested the most…

3. aliens

Ripley and Newt meet the Queen

Aliens builds up the tension by simply making its title plural. Instead of just one alien to deal with, there are now hundreds. After blasting the original alien out into space, Ripley (and her cat) have tragically been drifting in hypersleep for over 57 years. Until they’re rescued by the Weyland-Yutani Corporation. A corporation that was merely hinted at before, but is now given even greater significance. Since James Cameron is also fond of corrupt businesses. We learn far more about Ripley and the aliens. Ripley’s first name is revealed to be Ellen and the aliens are given the classification Xenomorph. Nobody believes Ripley’s story and she suffers from nightmares of having a chestburster inside her. It’s not until contact is lost with a now terriformed LV-426 that they’re willing to listen to her. That’s where the Colonial Marines come in. A squad of ultimate badasses that supplies the movie with its 80’s style hyper violence and harsh language. Aliens easily has the best crew/cast of any Alien film. Along with Ripley, the crew is made up of: Hicks, Hudson, Vasquez, Gorman, Burke, and Bishop. Bishop is a far less sinister android that Ripley is initially hesitant to trust. While Burke turns out to be the untrustworthy one. Like Ripley, Vasquez is a badass female presence. Hudson starts out cocky at first, but falls apart after their first encounter with a swarm of aliens. Bill Paxton’s constant complaining and iconic line, “Game over man,” make him a standout. Hicks is the one who teaches Ripley how to fight. Making her the badass movie heroine we all know today. Her softer side is shown in her interactions with Newt. A girl who somehow managed to survive the aliens. Lines like “They mostly come at night… mostly” prove that adding a kid to a cast isn’t always a bad idea. The scariest scene would have to be Ripley and Newt trapped in a room with two facehuggers. The aliens prove to be more resourceful than ever. By cutting the power or using their acid blood as a weapon. The best addition by far is the introduction of the queen alien. A giant alien that was responsible for laying the eggs. After nuking the colony (and presumably the queen), Ripley, Newt, Hicks, and Bishop make it to safety. Until the queen survives long enough for a very similar climax. Only with the added excitement of Ripley in a cargo-loader exosuit. Delivering one of the most badass lines in movie history, “Get away from her you b*tch!” Scenes like this are why Aliens is a perfect sequel that ends the series on a hopeful note.

4. aliens

A Xenomorph sneaks up on Newt

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