Skills that Make Me a Nightmare for People Like You

Taken 3 took the series in too much of a different direction. After three of these movies, at some point you have to wonder if he’s just a bad parent. Aside from the last 10 or so minutes, Kim once again isn’t taken. In fact, nobody is taken. Taken 3 is more of a lesser version of The Fugitive. Despite being a very big deal in Taken 2, Bryan Mills’ ex-wife Lenore is callously killed off. With Bryan being framed for her murder. All the action takes place in America with the police acting as the primary obstacle.

So no one is taken and there are no foreign locations. What’s the point of even calling it a Taken movie? Probably the most confusing thing about the sequel is the recasting of Kim’s stepdad. He was an older man before, but now he’s younger and suddenly villainous. Not even the inclusion of Forest Whitaker can make up for its lackluster story. Plus you can tell Liam Neeson is less into the action role this time around. Speaking of action, it’s nothing short of disorienting this time around. Really the only thing Taken 3 takes is your time.


Bryan Mills goes on the run

Preceded by: Taken 2

One thought on “Skills that Make Me a Nightmare for People Like You

  1. I’m not the world’s greatest expert on Liam Neeson or his films, but they all seem the same to me. However, I recently saw him in a film where he’s a passenger on a commuter train from NYC on the day he gets fired. In many ways, it seemed standard Neeson fare, but placing the action on a train was interesting.

    Anyway, this has nothing to do with your fab review. Thanks for letting me ramble.

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